Floyd, Virginia


Preserving Our Heritage in Phases

Restoring the Mill is a multi-step process that takes time. Each phase will have a specific goal to be completed before we’ll be moving on to the next phase. All of your donations will be used for the Mill restorations, once the restorations are complete donations will be used for up-keeps and events hosted at the mill.

GOAL - Phase 1:

To keep the structure from collapsing due to structural sill and exterior wall damage caused by exposure to weather.

​ITEMS addressed during Phase 1:

October 2019

The images that follow are from the initial assessment of the mill’s condition.  The first goal was to restore the integrity of the structure.  This included, repairing the foundation and exterior framing; replacing the roof, siding, and windows; and repairing damaged areas of the interior flooring.

February 2020

Clean-up, drainage and preparation work done on exterior.

March 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Because we were uncertain we would be able to raise the funds needed to pay our carpenters, we scaled down our initial restoration plans to focus only on stabilizing and weatherproofing the mill structure.  We decided to patch the worst spot in the roof and hold off on its replacement.  We also decided to hold off repairing the interior floors.

April - May 2020

​Structural sill replacement and first floor joist repair restored the ground floor back to level.

June 2020

Exterior beam replacement and wall framing repair has the mill standing square once again.  The stone foundation repairs were also completed.

July 2020

The carpentry crew completed the repair of the Hurst frame inside the mill.  They also began installing the new siding and windows.  Roberson family members cleaned and painted the new windows.

August 2020

New siding and windows were installed.  Exterior doors were repaired and re-installed.

​ITEMS addressed during Phase 2:

GOAL - Phase 2:

To complete additional structural and weatherproofing items. Address necessary site and interior safety items required to allow visitors inside Roberson Mill.
August 2020

The images that follow are the mill’s interior condition at the end of Phase 1.  The next goal is to complete the structural items not included in the previous work due to COVID-19 and work toward making conditions safe for visitors.